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YouTube Music is here as a new music service from Google

Google announced YouTube Music in the middle of the night. The timing is weird, but that's indeed Google's new streaming music service, which will be at the forefront of their music push.

What the hell is YouTube Music, you ask? It's basically all the music you find on YouTube, with videos and everything that's better than the current YouTube music. That's right, Google already has a YouTube Music app, but it's annoying and nobody uses it. However, you plan to push it forward with a new experience and a paid level to hopefully make it your music service of choice.

With YouTube Music, you have free and paid stages. The free level offers you as much as you can hear with ads. If you do not want ads and want extra features, you can subscribe to YouTube Music Premium . It costs $ 9.99 and includes background listening, downloads and no ads. It offers apps for mobile apps as well as desktops, playlists, artist radios, music videos, remixes, covers, and everything else you can expect from a music service. Oh, and if you've already subscribed to Google Play Music, you'll receive a YouTube Music Premium subscription. Sweet.

  Youtube Music

In that sense, Google says Google Play Music is not (yet) going anywhere. As you know, earlier this year we reported that Play Music would go to YouTube Music (formerly YouTube Remix), but obviously Google is not ready to tell everyone. I say that because they have already told us that in the future they will only have one music service and say, "It is crucial that we have an offer that meets the needs of consumers and artists." But now Google Play music subscriptions are secure and you include access to YouTube Music Premium.

In addition to YouTube Music Premium, Google redesigned YouTube Red as YouTube Premium . It costs $ 11.99 for new customers and includes YouTube Music Premium. If you've already subscribed to YouTube Red, your price will remain the same. More here.

Google launches YouTube Music on Tuesday (May 22) in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea. They should then be rapidly expanded to countries such as Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Spain and Sweden.

To find out about the start, click on this link.

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