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Zen's Liberty Wireless Charger Review

It's been almost a year since Apple canceled the AirPower wireless charging mat that allowed you to place your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods anywhere on the mat to wirelessly charge any device. In the months that followed, numerous third-party vendors tried to reproduce this product, and Zens has now released its own version of an AirPower-like device: the Zens Liberty 16 Coils Wireless Charger.

The Zens charger has 16 overlapping charging coils that allow you to place any two Qi-enabled devices on the mat to charge them. It supports a total power of 30 W, Apple Fast Charge, a USB-A port for wired charging of a third device (or for connecting the "Apple Watch" USB stick accessory) and a USB-C power supply.

Zens sent me both the Liberty Fabric Edition and the Liberty Glass Edition, which are the same product with different surfaces on the Qi surface of the mat. The Fabric Edition is equipped with a 90 percent wool padding fabric to ensure that the back of your devices is not scratched. The Glass Edition has a transparent surface on which the 16 charging coils are shown.

In terms of their design, I preferred the delicacy of the Fabric Edition to the Glass Edition, which stands out far more. Both Liberty wireless chargers have a rubberized outer shell and a stable base with large footprints (8.8 inches long and 5.3 inches wide). The textile on the Fabric Edition gives the device a luxurious feel and look, which is good considering it's high-end chargers that cost more than $ 140.

Charging times are consistent with typical Qi wireless charging estimates. Every time I used the Zens Liberty charger, my iPhone 11 Pro Max was 100% filled, and I never saw myself exposed to mysterious interruptions or interruptions in my time with the accessories.

As with any wireless charger, charging times are not as high as when using a Lightning or USB-C cable, but the accessories from Zens are perfect for trickle charging at your desk or overnight near your bed. Similarly, the USB flash drive showed the expected performance of an Apple Watch charger with a performance comparable to that of the Apple Magnetic Charging Dock.

After a few days, the Zens Liberty charger quickly replaced my previous Belkin Qi mat next to my bed. Zens' promise of "freedom of placement" on the mat turned out to be completely correct, so that I could throw my "iPhone 11 Pro Max" down in almost any orientation without having to worry about landing on the "sweet spot" of the Having to worry about qi is something I kept playing around with the Belkin charger.

The almost 9-inch mat is large enough to hold two max-size iPhones, but I mainly used it to hold my "iPhone 11 Pro Max" and AirPods Pro on the Qi Base charge. While the Liberty charger doesn't quite live up to the promise of AirPower Qi charging with three devices, it offers a reliable and smooth wireless charging experience for two devices, with the added benefit that you can charge your Apple Watch with a separately available accessory.

This MFi-certified ‌Apple Watch‌ USB stick is a tiny dongle, at the end of which there is an ‌Apple Watch‌ charging puck with which you can charge your ‌Apple Watch‌ via any USB-A port can. When connected to the Zens Liberty's wireless charger by a special connector on the back of the Qi-Mat, the dongle turns into a small, upright stand that you can use to charge your Apple Watch in bedside mode.


The Zens Liberty wireless charger is a solid "AirPower" alternative that can be used to reliably charge two Qi-compatible devices such as the iPhone 11, "AirPods" and more.

The ability to place your devices anywhere on the mat and the high-quality design means, of course, that you pay a premium for the accessories.

Purchasing Information

The Liberty Fabric Edition costs USD 139.99 (EUR 139.99), while the Glass Edition costs USD 179.99 (EUR 179.99). A three-year warranty extension applies to both models. The Apple Watch USB stick is available separately for $ 39.99.

Note: For the purposes of this review, MacRumors received the Zens Liberty Fabric Edition, the Zens Liberty Glass Edition, and the Zens Apple Watch USB key. No further compensation was received.

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