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Zone 7 Brings $ 2.5 Million Seed to Predict the Risk of Injury for Athletes – TechCrunch

Zone7, the company that uses data and analysis to determine the injury potential of athletes, has raised $ 2.5 million in donations.

The company oversees the performance of athletes to determine when they need to rest in order to avoid a career potential threat of injury.

The company's technology has won investors such as Resolute Ventures, UpWest, Amicus Capital, Dave Pell and PLG Ventures, as well as athletes such as National Basketball Association star Kristaps Porzingis.

Teams in the MLB, La Liga, Champions League, MLS, university sports departments and Olympic teams all use one company's technology.

"To hurt yourself is one of the worst experiences for any athlete," said Porzingis in a statement. "The technology behind Zone7 is extremely impressive and has the potential to change the sport landscape forever."

Zone7 uses pattern recognition based on an athlete's performance and medical history to determine which approach is best for the player not hurt. So far, according to the company, the company has achieved an accuracy rate of 95% in injury prediction and has reduced injury potential by 75%.

"Injuries in professional sports cost billions annually The age of big data does not have to be that way," said Tal Brown, co-founder and CEO of Zone7. "Professional sports franchises have countless unused health and performance data that, when unlocked by AI, can become one of the team's most valuable assets. By better understanding each athlete's break points and implementing personalized intervention plans to prevent injuries before they occur, teams no longer have to accept injuries as inevitable.

Founded by Tal Brown and Eyal Aliakim, two Israelis serving in the military elite The 827 Technology Team, the Zone7 team, has many years of experience working with Salesforce to develop their Einstein product and with professional football franchise company in Israel.

"Professional sports are usually very slow in medicine and performance. This is historically a difficult target market. Tal and Eyal have developed a compelling product that helps teams get up and get attentive. It's literally a game changer, "said Raanan Bar-Cohen, General Partner of Resolute Ventures, in a statement. "The fact that Zone7 is the first company to show injury can be avoided by using artificial intelligence, and we look forward to working with the Zone7 team."

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